Martin Nordholts writes:
> IMO we should not reuse gimp_file_save() for this but instead introduce 
> gimp_show_save_dialog() and gimp_show_export_dialog(). I am a bit 
> worried however that plug-ins will abuse this power. In your case, why 
> do you need to show these dialogs? Isn't it better if the user has to go 
> through a single place to save or export?

I need to show the dialogs because the plug-in needs to save a
file (that's the whole point of the plug-in) and it seems like
bad UI to pop up the JPEG save dialog without ever showing the
user where the file is being saved, or offering them a chance
to save it somewhere else. (Have you ever been frustrated when
Firefox downloaded a file and you can't figure out where it ended up?)
Seems like it's always better UI to go through this step, so the
user knows what is being saved and where.

Of course, this being python, I could put up my own save-as
dialog and let the user choose the filename that way, then call
gimp_file_save() on the result; but I'd rather go through GIMP's
standard framework, with the File Type menu and other nice features.

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