On Fri, 2009-05-29 at 10:18 -0700, Akkana Peck wrote:
> Martin Nordholts writes:
> > IMO we should not reuse gimp_file_save() for this but instead introduce 
> > gimp_show_save_dialog() and gimp_show_export_dialog(). I am a bit 
> > worried however that plug-ins will abuse this power. In your case, why 
> > do you need to show these dialogs? Isn't it better if the user has to go 
> > through a single place to save or export?
> I need to show the dialogs because the plug-in needs to save a
> file (that's the whole point of the plug-in) and it seems like
> bad UI to pop up the JPEG save dialog without ever showing the
> user where the file is being saved, or offering them a chance
> to save it somewhere else. (Have you ever been frustrated when
> Firefox downloaded a file and you can't figure out where it ended up?)
> Seems like it's always better UI to go through this step, so the
> user knows what is being saved and where.

Then please add a sane user interface to your plug-in and pop up a
file-chooser. The PDB was designed to allow plug-ins and scripts to call
procedures in GIMP, not to pop up specific user interface elements. It
is totally not suited for this kind of usage.


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