I have been using GIMP for a few months now and there is a feature that 
I have wanted to have and think about every time I open up GIMP.

 The feature is mainly for the possibility of having "templates". The 
idea is that you can place a layer that is a link to a certain image, so 
you can have 9 layers on top of each other and each one being an image. 
The idea is that you no longer have to "Load image as layer" every time 
you change an image because the layer would be the image and would 
update itself.

 To give an example, let's say you have a template with different images 
being buttons, menus and background/foreground. You have a window open 
with all the different linked layers positioned to be how you want it on 
your site or final look. Now, when you change one of the images, you can 
see what the result will look like from looking at the window with the 
template. Benefit being speed ( you don't have to look for the file or 
any of the tedious crap ) and ease which are two things I like to think 
GIMP excels over all competitors with.

 As far as the "linked layer" updating itself, that could be either 
automatic when file changes or you could have a button that auto-updates 
all layers. GIMP is pretty well written and fast, so I think it being 
automatic would be fast enough...

-- I am new to mailing lists and I am not sure which mailing list I 
should send a feature request to but this one said to talk about the 
source code so I decided this one!! ( Hopefully I did everything right? 
 >,< --
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