kevin wrote:
> I have been using GIMP for a few months now and there is a feature that 
> I have wanted to have and think about every time I open up GIMP.
>  The feature is mainly for the possibility of having "templates". The 
> idea is that you can place a layer that is a link to a certain image, so 
> you can have 9 layers on top of each other and each one being an image. 
> The idea is that you no longer have to "Load image as layer" every time 
> you change an image because the layer would be the image and would 
> update itself.
>  To give an example, let's say you have a template with different images 
> being buttons, menus and background/foreground. You have a window open 
> with all the different linked layers positioned to be how you want it on 
> your site or final look. Now, when you change one of the images, you can 
> see what the result will look like from looking at the window with the 
> template. Benefit being speed ( you don't have to look for the file or 
> any of the tedious crap ) and ease which are two things I like to think 
> GIMP excels over all competitors with.
TBH, this sounds more like a vector editing feature than a raster editing 
feature.  Have you tried inkscape?


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