> It seems to me you completely misunderstood the whole thing. What makes 
> you think there is any CMYK -> RGB conversion involved here?

I think he's talking about the procedure to perform when the source file
is CMYK. The proposal is to convert it to RGB (in the "what about CMYK
files" section of the Peter's document). 

I have to say that after reading the whole proposal I'm pretty
enthusiastic about these changes (even though I wasn't very convinced at
It looks like a totally different way to manage the workflow and it
lools very promising.
However, the "what about CMYK files" sounds destructive, since the
original separations will be discarded and a new separation will be
The projections thing sounds great for new artwork, where you can
actually define what layer will go in each plate, but sounds tricky for
flattened artwork.
What if I want to touch up an image that a client sent me, already


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