On Sun, 21 Jun 2009, peter sikking wrote:
> OK, I see that I was not clear enough in my blog:
> "When further fine?tuning for the printing press is the goal,
>  then the solution is to shove the CMYK file straight into a
>  press projection, as a static, pre-defined separation. Each
>  plate is then still fully editable as outlined before."
> what i tried to say is that users will have a choice to _not_
> convert a CMYK file to RGB, but to load it straight into a
> press projection. the resulting file will have an empty RGB part,
> and a static base separation that comes straight from the file.
> I fully intent here that GIMP will be able to set up the press
> projection from the file, including the number of plates, their
> colors used and their order. maybe users will have to help with
> saying that spot plate #2 uses pantone 1234 (say).
> so now we have the CMYK file as lossless as it gets in to GIMP,
> every plate can be touched up, or a block of text added..., or
> all plates together get a curves applied for more oomph, or...
> the result can be saved again to a separation file.

OK.  I think you addressed my concern.

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