On Thu, 2009-07-02 at 17:44 -0400, Rob Antonishen wrote:

> All the examples show accessing the drawable object using
> gimp_drawable_get (param[2].data.d_drawable)
> I know I can access the image ID using param[1].data.d_image, but the
> only call seems to be gimp_image_get_by_ID which requires a first
> parameter *gimp which I can't determine how to get!  (Oddly enough, I
> could image->gimp if I had the image object but that is a bit chicken
> and egg situation...)

I think you are mixing GIMP core API and GIMP plug-in API here.
gimp_image_get_by_ID() is core API and not accessible to plug-ins. Same
holds true for the Gimp object.

What's the problem about using param[1].data.d_image ? The plug-in API
works with image IDs, there is no image struct or object in libgimp.


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