I have a (hopefully simple) question that I can not seem to find the
answer for anywhere...

When is it appropriate to write:

- a script
- a python plugin
- a compiled plugin

Specifically, If I have written a script and want better speed, should
I write it as a python plugin, or as a C plugin?

Looking at the examples provided on C plugins (or at the code for
these plugins themselves), they mostly seem to work at a low level, on
a drawable/pixel.  Would there be any advantage to a C plugin that
just combines other PDB functions?

Here is an example.  I want to make a drop shadow based on the alpha
of a layer or a selection, with an offset, direction, colour and
hardness....but want a preview for the user to see what their choices
are doing.  This could be done by pdb calls to duplicate layers, lock
alpha, fill, blur, translate, etc. without having to access the pixel
data of an image itself.  I could do it with a script, but get no
preview.  I could do it with a python plugin, but still wouldn't get a
preview (though I have read the the preview window widget is
supported, I can't get it to work and have seen no example), or I
could write it as a C plugin.  But as a C plugin it would just be a
bunch of calls to gimp_run_procedure?  Does this make sense to do?
Would any speed improvement be worth it?

Thanks in advance-

-Rob A>
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