On 07/16/2009 05:39 PM, Rob Antonishen wrote:
> I have a (hopefully simple) question that I can not seem to find the
> answer for anywhere...
> When is it appropriate to write:
> - a script
> - a python plugin
> - a compiled plugin
> Specifically, If I have written a script and want better speed, should
> I write it as a python plugin, or as a C plugin?

The first thing you should do is to benchmark your current plug-in, what 
exactly is slow? The algorithm you use? Then switching language won't 
help. Is it the manipulation of individual pixels that is slow? Then 
switching to C might help as it enables you to be more clever about 
memory and CPU usage.

> Looking at the examples provided on C plugins (or at the code for
> these plugins themselves), they mostly seem to work at a low level, on
> a drawable/pixel.  Would there be any advantage to a C plugin that
> just combines other PDB functions?

No not that I can see, if all you do is invoke other procedures in the 
PDP, C is a bad language choice. One slight drawback of plug-ins written 
in Python is that it is not trivial to get Python working on a Windows 

> Here is an example.  I want to make a drop shadow based on the alpha
> of a layer or a selection, with an offset, direction, colour and
> hardness....but want a preview for the user to see what their choices
> are doing.

The current script infrastructure is terrible for doing live previews, 
IMHO you should help getting GEGL integrated instead so that we can do 
this in a proper way.

   This could be done by pdb calls to duplicate layers, lock
> alpha, fill, blur, translate, etc. without having to access the pixel
> data of an image itself.  I could do it with a script, but get no
> preview.  I could do it with a python plugin, but still wouldn't get a
> preview (though I have read the the preview window widget is
> supported, I can't get it to work and have seen no example), or I
> could write it as a C plugin.  But as a C plugin it would just be a
> bunch of calls to gimp_run_procedure?  Does this make sense to do?
> Would any speed improvement be worth it?

Again, if all you do is invoke other procedures, C won't give you any 
notable performance improvement as most of the processing will occur in 
the GIMP core anyway.


  / Martin
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