The defaults are ok and match other graphic packages like Inkscape.
I wouldn't touch them.
Maybe you're coming from another software like Corel Draw and you got
used to the scrolling with the mouse wheel, but that is not the same for
CTRL + Scroll wheel does the same. The only difference between the
default and your proposal is pressing a single common key.

Your suggestion is only matter of personal preferences more than how it
should be.
For instance: Photoshop uses CTRL++ and CTRL+- to zoom in and out.
We have just + and -. Should we change it because there is people used
to photoshop and finds hard to get used to the diferent keystrokes?

We have configurable keys, even we have a dynamic shortcuts
configuration function for that. You found that by yourself and you
changed the actions according your preferences, so the option is there,
and people used to different defaults can customize their key shortcuts.

We should change defaults only if there are better options. And in this
case is proposed to change one existing and working shortcut to another,
without much more reasons than "because I like it better" :-)


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