Michael Schumacher wrote:

> There's a long discussion about this in 
> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=93639
> I'm not sure how much of this will change within a GEGL tree, so parts of 
> this discussion could already be obsolete.

Ah, thanks for linking that discussion.
So this was already being discussed many years ago.

My opinion is that when layer groups will be implemented (from what I 
understand, they will be soon as it's a very requested feature), layer 
usage will be going up since it will be easier to manage them, and a 
better, more efficient way to internally manage layer boundaries will be 
needed in order to keep good performance.

I understand that layer boundaries are needed for many uses. I think too 
that they shouldn't go away completely, but they could be still retained 
if some sort of transparent "effective layer boundary auto-growing" 
feature is ever implemented into GIMP.
Layer boundaries could simply be the internal auto-growing limits of the 
layer. Also, the whole auto-growing process wouldn't affect export 
functions or scripts which rely on boundaries, only on-screen drawing 
performance, as long as unused borders are transparent.

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