On Wed, 2009-08-12 at 18:04 +0200, SHIRAKAWA Akira wrote:
> (note that I'm using an Intel Core 2 
> Duo 3.16 Ghz E8500 processor with 4 GB RAM).

How is your tile-cache size configured? If it is still at the default
value of 1GB, then you are not making best use of your hardware and its
not surprising that GIMP becomes slow with large images and many layers.

Please do also check the image memory size (in the Image Properties
dialog) for your example image.

> What I wonder is if GIMP could someday get advantage dynamically, 
> automatically and in a transparent manner to the user of autocropping 
> extra borders from layers (without manual intervention) in order improve 
> performance when large canvases and many layers (the normality in 
> creative works, not so much when only retouching photos) are used.
> For example, the user would create a 3500x2500 pixels new layer, but if 
> he drew only in a small 100x200 pixels area, then the program would 
> internally save and process only that area, while still allowing the 
> user to draw outside of it (the layer extents would be automatically and 
> transparently increased).
> What do you think about this proposition?

Sure, that is on the roadmap with GEGL. Empty tiles don't need to be
represented in memory. They can be represented by special empty tiles
that have a color property but no pixel data.


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