On 08/12/2009 06:04 PM, SHIRAKAWA Akira wrote:
> Hello,
> A few days ago I was trying out Adobe Photoshop CS4 under my OS, Windows
>     7 RC 64 bit, and although I prefer using GIMP even though it lacks
> some very useful features, I was surprised at one thing in particular:
> its speed when many layers are used (20-25+, and on very complex works I
> often use even more). On Photoshop CS4 layers refresh almost instantly,
> new ones are created with about the same speed, and there are generally
> no graphic slowdowns on complex works.

They have a really good implementation, and I suspect they make heavy 
use of mipmaps. For example, painting with a 500x brush on a 10000x10000 
image when zoomed out is very snappy, and I don't see how they could do 
that without doing tricks with mipmap levels.

Regarding automatically managing the size of layers, I totally agree 
that GIMP should do that boring work for the user, that's not something 
a user should have to worry about.

  / Martin


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