Ilya Zakharevich <> wrote:

>   a) Current layer entry contains too little info anyway.  There is no
>      indication of presence of a alpha channel 

I could be wrong here, but at least for me layers without an alpha channel are
named in bold text.

As for the merging of icons, how do you handle toggling
visibility/locking/chaining/etc? If you merge icons, that means you'd have to
have a separate control elsewhere (although I suppose you could cycle through
multiple states, but that would be annoying). This means you'd have to do two
clicks to change any non-active layer's state (one click to activate and a
second to change visibility, etc.) That makes things particularly troublesome
for changes that users make to multiple layers at once, like visibility and
chaining. You could make it so clicking certain parts of the icon toggle one of
the states (e.g. click just the chain portion) but that kind of requires more
precise clicking which can lead to incorrectly toggled states. 

Granted, I'm a nobody here, but it seems to me like while your suggestion may
reduce some visual clutter, it complicates matters for users and could easily
slow them down. Either that or I'm simply not understanding... again. :)

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