On 2009-10-21, Jason van Gumster <ja...@handturkeystudios.com> wrote:
>>   a) Current layer entry contains too little info anyway.  There is no
>>      indication of presence of a alpha channel 
> I could be wrong here, but at least for me layers without an alpha channel are
> named in bold text.

Might be.  But you see that it being non-self-documenting is as good
as having no indicator...

> As for the merging of icons, how do you handle toggling
> visibility/locking/chaining/etc?

Addressed in the OP.  Toggle-visibility is as now (click on composite icon).
Toggle-chaining must be moved elsewhere; the OP suggests moving to
near lock-transparencey (where, IMO, it belongs anyway).  (It might be
duplicated in a context menu of the icon too.)

Locking - I have no idea what you mean here...

> This means you'd have to do two
> clicks to change any non-active layer's state (one click to activate and a
> second to change visibility, etc.) That makes things particularly troublesome
> for changes that users make to multiple layers at once, like visibility and
> chaining.

Toggling visibility is a non-issue.  Chaining MAY BE an issue
(although I can't comment - I never needed chaining).  If judged
important enough, toggle-chaining on non-active layers may be also
implemented as Alt-Click (would be self-documented if mentioned in
right-mouse context menu).


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