Martin Nordholts wrote:
> On 10/25/2009 11:35 PM, Ilya Zakharevich wrote:
>> If you think the dialogue is nagging, it is better to make a checkbox
>> "do not show this again, show online help directly".  AND, maybe,
>> never show the same dialogue in the same session.
> It won't nag me less just because I can dismiss it for the future.
> Either the dialog presents important information that I need to see,
> or it doesn't and I don't need to see it.
> These "Don't show this any more"-dialog boxes is a sign
> of insecureness in the "personality" of the application. We
> don't want GIMP to be like that, we want GIMP to be confident
> it what it is doing.
> Regards,
> Martin

There is some truth in this approach but it should not be taken to 
extremes. It is not a black or white decision.

This is all part of the KDE-configure everything v. 
gnome-we-know-best-so-like-it flames.

This binary approach to the issue means both ways run a danger of 
getting it wrong.

Specifically it is not to be regarded as a personality disorder. That's 
because the situation changes , hence the user's needs may change.

Maybe you'd see it better if the checkbox (AHH shoot this man , he said 
the "C" word!!) was labelled "remember this choice".

You can't presume what the "correct" answer is and impose it on everyone 
since the answer depends on the user himself and availability of 
connection (and in view of the size you'd better add available bandwidth).

So there's a choice the USER not the GUI designer needs to make. Asking 
the same question every time he hits F1 may well be a PITA before long. 
I see a legitimate user for errm ..... one of the square things with an 
X in it .

We are the knights who say "checkbox" !

Ni ! Ni! Ni!

(cultural reference to Monty Python's 'Holy Grail' for the non English 

It's a user configuration if you will. This could be hidden ten layers 
deep like setting the mouse wheel to zoom in , a far better solution 
would seem to let the user configure how he wants to deal with this 
situation when it is first presented.

Maybe a better overall approach would be to pop up the help menu on F1 
if no help is available. This presents the full choice of options.

Other small defect, Sh-F1 goes into cursor selection knowing full well 
it can't fulfil. This probably should be trapped on key stoke without 
letting the user select then telling him there's no help.


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