Martin Nordholts wrote:
> On 10/26/2009 01:42 PM, wrote:
>> Maybe you'd see it better if the checkbox (AHH shoot this man , he said
>> the "C" word!!) was labelled "remember this choice".
>> You can't presume what the "correct" answer is and impose it on everyone
>> since the answer depends on the user himself and availability of
>> connection (and in view of the size you'd better add available bandwidth).
>> So there's a choice the USER not the GUI designer needs to make.
> This not necessarily true. 

Which is what I said in the bit you don't quote

If the GUI designer is designing an app
> aiding in translating movies then he can deduct from the target user
> group that such a dialog box should not be shown. The translator
> using the app must hear see/hear all words.

But we're taking about GIMP help not some other hypothetical case about 
movie translation.

> GUI designers always design for a well specified target group. With a
> well defined user group there is rarely a need to guess what the user of an
> app will want, the GUI designer knows what the users will want.

"GUI designers always " "well defined user group "  "GUI designer knows 
what the users will want."

an impressive collection of fairly meaningless hand-wavy generalities. 
What is your point w.r.t. whether the user wants to be asked what gimp 
help format is actually applicable n his actual situation and whether a 
GUI designer can user pro-active telepathy to know his needs and 
internet access availability?

> But there are always exceptions and corner cases of course...
>  / Martin

Call it a corner case if you prefer , how does this relate to gimp help?

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