On 10/31/09, Christopher Howard wrote:

> that. Every heard, though, of the original name of the Linux OS?
> Torvalds wanted it called "Freaxs." Fortunately, though, the name Linux
> stuck, and even Linus admitted this was better.

For reasons far beyond human imagination this is all but a valid
argument, because the choice was made before the 1st public version of
kernel was actually published, while GIMP is around for over a decade

The question you really have to ask is: will actual GIMP developers
agree to work on rebranded GIMP? Because, you see, there are just 3,7
of them. And only Martin (correct me if I'm wrong) once said he
wouldn't mind having GIMP rebranded.

Living in a country of 100+ millions of potential users I have no
problem advocating GIMP name-wise. But I do have a problem advocating
it feature-wise and the last thing I would ever want to see is
development stopped because some nois^H vocal people go further than
4th meaning of a word in a dictionary while having a problem
understanding what an acronym is. Education does cruel things to
people's minds.

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