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> >> I have been in that session and can confirm it.
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> > OK, but what session? At UDS?
> Yes, friend of mine was tehre, confirmed it too. (btw, it evenshowed
> up in slashdot).
> IMHO, stupidiest decision ever - they _want_ their users to be dumb
> and continue that way. As for me, up to today I used to recomend
> ubuntu to people I presented Free Software. (despite some ongoing
> really great flaws, like translating the name of special user folders
> such as Desktop and Documents). Now, with the promise of a GIMPless
> Ubuntu, I will burn some other distro for people to taste Linux and
> Free Software.

Give a try to Debian, the netinst version
You need a decent Internet connection, but the available room on a CD is no
longer a problem, and GIMP is present, of course.
After all, Ubuntu is based on Debian, why not stick to the original, rather
than to deviant copy?

Olivier Lecarme
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