On Mon, 2009-11-30 at 19:42 +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-11-30 at 07:38 +0100, Olivier wrote:
> > Of course! But since I'm writing a book about GIMP, I'm trying to get
> > as close as possible to what will be finally published. When speaking
> > about documentation, I was thinking to the NEWS file. 
> If you are writing a book, then you should write it about GIMP 2.6.
> Everything that is in GIMP 2.7 now may still change at this point, in
> particular any new features.

Just FYI.

I'm in the same boat as Olivier (even same US publisher, but different
target audiences).  When I wrote Artists' Guide to GIMP Effects I
targeted the current release (2.2) and as soon as the book came out so
did 2.4.  And now it's 2.6.  So, to try and stay as relevant to the
released product we shoot for what we expect to be out when the book
comes out, i.e. a year from now, re: 2.8.  So the update to GIMP Effects
is targeted at 2.8 and targeted for an early fall 2010 release.  The
goal is to have the book be considered relevant for at least a year,
hopefully longer.

I know there are no development schedules that say 2.8 will be out then,
nor what is absolutely intended to be included in 2.8, but we have no
choice.  We have to assume 2.8 or else the books won't be relevant.  At
least to reader perceptions.  My book is actually designed to be
relevant to any GIMP release from 2.2 on but the publisher needs people
to buy the book and they often won't if they don't think it's relevant
to the current release.  

For me, the hardest part is screenshots of the UI.  The functionality
underneath can change a bit as long as the UI doesn't change much.
Since I expect there may be many UI changes with 2.8 I have to put off
the screenshots for as long as possible.  And keep track of places where
menu references may need to be updated.

Of course this isn't the developers problem, it's just something the
authors have to deal with.  This is just feedback on the processes we're
subject to.

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