On 2010-01-07 16:45, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> The patch I am replying to ports the PNG save dialog to Glade and uses
> GtkBuilder to construct the UI. The purpose of this change is to
> introduce declarative construction of UIs in GIMP to give us experience
> in this area. The benefits of using Glade is:
> * Tweaking the UI doesn't requires re-bulding the app
> * Less code
> * Easier to start using a script language like JavaScript in the core
> * We make the GIMP code base more modern
> * UIs can be constructed through drag-and-drop with Glade

I'm not expert enough to decide whether using GtkBuilder to construct 
the UI is a good thing or not, but less code, more flexibility and no 
need to rebuild the app for interface customization all seem a good 
thing to me. Are there any disadvantages? Performance issues at start up 
and during actual program usage?

Ideally, would this be limited to dialog windows or, instead, the entire 
user interface?

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