Am Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2010 16:45:06 schrieb Martin Nordholts:
> Right now GIMP has virtuall all of the UI imperatively constructed with
> code. This has a few problems:
> The patch I am replying to ports the PNG save dialog to Glade and uses
> GtkBuilder to construct the UI. The purpose of this change is to
> introduce declarative construction of UIs in GIMP to give us experience
> in this area. The benefits of using Glade is:
> So, do people think this is a step in the right direction? Personally
> I do and would like to commit the patch. Opinions?

The right direction from my point of view.

I find Glade a very nice tool to design and manage UIs.
A lot of stuff can be done without actually touching the code and there is also 
less code to maintain since any UI element that is not connected to a callback 
(i.e. a simple graphical element of the UI) does not need to have any code.
Actual code could ideally be limited to just the callbacks plus 3-4 lines for 
creating the dialog. thus functionality and design would be separated.

There is a catch, however, as Gimp's UI library defines several extensions to 
the Gtk+ library (GimpScaleEntry, GimpPreview). From what I saw in the 
documentation, this code already implements GtkBuildable (does it ?).
But I haven't seen Glade supporting these widgets yet.

Startup of Glade applications is a tiny bit slower, though, due to the added 
i/o and the need to parse the XML, but I feel that this is neglectable on 
today's hardware.

So my conclusion would be that, if Glade is the direction where Gimp 
development will go, then Glade support for Gimp widgets should come first.



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