On 01/25/2010 12:00 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> The somewhat scary thing about this schedule is that neither 2.8, nor
> 2.10-3.0 section mentions GEGL at all :)

Hi Alexandre!

There will be no further integration of GEGL for GIMP 2.8, and the 
2.10/3.0 section does not contain things planned for 2.10/3.0, only 
things originally planned for 2.8 but posponed.

> And I think that you overrated work on release notes a bit :) I don't
> know how much time it took Sven and Michael to refine the text I
> banged up for 2.4 and how much time it took Jimmac to produce
> screenshots, but my part was just IIRC four or five hours. With a well
> organized effort this could be a matter of day really, not three days.

It's not three days, it's three man-days. Three persons working full 
time a single-day on writing release notes should be recorded as 3 
working days in the schedule. Based on my experience with compiling the 
release notes for 2.6 it can easily take 3 days worth of work to produce 
high quality comprehensive release notes.



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