Quoting Cristian Secară <or...@secarica.ro>:

> I have no idea what "Gee" means (for translation) and wanted to see
> what does in practice.
> However, all references I found on the internet are related to some
> easter egg, presumably outdated and removed from code (at least in
> 2.6.x). The references are related to a "Toys" filter, but no "toy"
> occurence exists in any of the .po file, so I assume that this toy was
> removed.
> So: what/where is Gee Zoom and Gee Slime ?

Open an image file after opening GIMP (the numbers used below are  
based on the first image opened), and then open the Script-fu console  
("Filters->Script-fu->Console"). Next, type in one of the following  

   (plug-in-the-old-egg 0 1 2)

   (plug-in-the-slimy-egg 0 1 2)

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