On 02/17/2010 04:50 AM, Thiago Spina wrote:
> = Questions =
> I know there is already a segmentation tool in GIMP, but I feel it could
> co-exist with this plugin.

I don't think we should have two tools for this, rather one tool that 
does a great job

> * I like to use SSE intrinsics to optimize some of my code, is it ok if
> I use it for the plugin?

I'd rather prefer that you used the GCC vector extensions:

> * I do plan to keep working on my research during the GSoC period, which
> takes me around 25~30 hours each week. Will this be a problem?

Afaik GSoC is supposed to be a full-time undertaking, if you spend 30 
ours each week on other stuff it can be hard to be productive. If you 
think you can solve the task at hand despite this however, it will not 
be a problem in practice.

  / Martin
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