On Sun, 2010-02-21 at 00:29 -0200, Thiago Spina wrote:
> On 19 February 2010 05:20, Martin Nordholts <ense...@gmail.com> wrote:
>         I don't think we should have two tools for this, rather one
>         tool that
>         does a great job
>         Afaik GSoC is supposed to be a full-time undertaking, if you
>         spend 30
>         ours each week on other stuff it can be hard to be productive.
>         If you
>         think you can solve the task at hand despite this however, it
>         will not
>         be a problem in practice.
> I intend to write the plugin as part of my MSc thesis, even if it is
> not chosen as a GSoC project. In fact, I talked to my advisor and he
> got very excited about the idea, so I believe that my initial estimate
> of 25~30h could drop to 10~15h (probably even less during GSoC). 
> Regarding the quality of our approach, I have made a quick comparison
> and it outperformed GIMP's tool based on SIOX for quite a few images
> (required less user interaction for correction and produced equal or
> better results for different types of images).

Did you compare against SIOX as in the master branch or against the
improved version that resulted from last year's GSoC ? It would also be
interesting if you could benchmark your algorithm using the benchmark
proposed in "GrabCut": interactive foreground extraction using iterated
graph cuts" published in the Proceedings of the 2004 SIGGRAPH
Conference. There's a Python script shipped with the GIMP source code
that does this with the SIOX tool.

In my opinion we should at this point concentrate on merging last year's
work on the SIOX tool. If we start to add other segmentation methods
before this work is merged, then it will become very difficult to ever
get the soc-2009-siox-drb branch merged.


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