On Thu, 2010-03-04 at 19:49 +0000, Omari Stephens wrote:
> Hi, all.  I just finished v1 of the patch to add the sRGB ICCv2 profiles 
> to the GIMP distribution.  They're 3kB each, so size shouldn't be an 
> issue.  The main question is one of licensing.  I believe the license 
> allows us to distribute the profiles, but IANAL.
> I'd appreciate if someone who either is a lawyer, or acts in that 
> capacity for GIMP, could comment.  If you have other issues with the 
> patch, feel free to voice those as well.

I appreciate your work on this, but I am afraid that the license is
compatible with the GPL. Aside from that I wonder why GIMP should ship
with color profiles at all. There is the icc-profiles package that seems
to be available in most Linx distributions nowadays. We should rather
continue to depend on that package and make sure that it is included
with the Windows installer than installing our own duplicates.

The folks from the OpenICC initiative [1] are trying hard to push shared
color profiles and color management work-flows. We should really try to
cooperate instead of building our own little world.


[1] http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/openicc

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