On Tue, 2010-03-09 at 15:51 -0500, Jay Smith wrote:

> The above exchange occurred today on the Gimp-User list.
> I am posting here for discussion prior to posting an Enhancement
> Suggestion on Bugzilla.
> For a future version, I wish to propose adding the ability to reverse
> the direction of the black/white in the Curves dialog.  A toggle button.

The reason that I suggested that you do this change to your local copy
of GIMP is that I don't think that this change would be useful for a
large part of our target user base.

Adding this option to the source code will make the code harder to
maintain and will increase the likelihood of bugs being introduced (by
that particular change or at a later point in time). Adding a toggle
button will make the user interface more complex and will degrade the
user experience for most users.

So unless you can persuade us that this feature is in-line with the
product vision that we have for GIMP and that it is indeed important
enough to outweigh the disadvantages that I explained above, we are not
going to consider it. 


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