hello everyone

I am Alok Mishra, a student willing to participate in gsoc and I am very
excited about it. I have an idea but not listed on idea page.

I wanted to make gimp multitouch input capable application. That is by this
gimp will become capable of recognizing gestures like zoom-in, zoom-out,
two finger rotate, finger dragging, two finger  and multi-finger inputs for
drawing (more than one finger drawing i.e more than one person can draw on
single canvas or on different canvas, finger sketching).And also drawing by
hands is more intuitive rather than a mouse.

So basically what I wanted to do is whenever zoom-in gesture is recognized
by gesture server, I wanted to use gimp zoom-in function. I did some
searching on how it can be done.

> First I thought it can be done through gimp-python through pdb created to
write plugin for gimp. And I got that it doesn't controls the actions for
gimp. Gimp do what gtk+ and gdk says to it.

So I am currently working on how to make gtk+ to take more than one inputs.
I wanted to use python.

I am newbie and done not much in gtk+ and gimp development.

Please suggest me there is any other way to do this. Where does actually the
gtk+ code resides in gimp source tar. I have created gimp
development environment on ubuntu and successfully be able to compile it.
Please tell me how to setup gtk+ environment for development. Suggest me
some links.

Thank you
Alok Mishra

have a good day
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