> >There's the xi2 branch of gtk+, which is, as far as I know, pretty close
>>> >to being merged. That would be needed for adding multi-touch support to
>>> >GIMP. Not sure if it makes sense to base a Google Summer of Code project
>>> >on pending work in another project. But it's certainly an interesting
>>> >project.
>>>        I also checked xi2, what I see is there is huge difference
> between what I am thinking and what Peter (owner of this project)
> is focusing on. Their concept is to make able current applications with no
> change to take inputs from more than one input devices. Its like two people
> working on gimp, each having one pair of mouse, keyboard and a display,
> but obviously computing machine is same. Now if one make any changes to the
> canvas and it can be viewed by the other and other if wanted can make
> changes to it. But simultaneously not. That is basically there would be only
> one input to the application at a time. See this line from xi2 feature page
> "http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/XI2#Documentation";   "Each time an
> SD generates an event, this event is passed through the MD to the respective
> application". Here SD stands for slave device and MD for master device, so
> after all its MD that is controlling the application, SD have no reach to
> the application. In no way application can have more than one input at the
> same time. i.e required to make gestures. Gestures is what xi2 is not
> working with. *So its a new project to very extent and not done yet.*
>>  >The project you are proposing is quite ambiguous as it requires
>>> >fundamental changes to the GIMP core. I am afraid that you are not
>>> >qualified to tackle this project. Adding multi-touch support to GIMP
>>> >requires decent knowledge of GTK+ and GDK, which you are obviously
>>> >missing.
>>>    Also I was mentioning about recognizing gestures, by making an gesture
>> server. Multi touch applications is what I was involved with since more than
>> one year. I have built my own multi touch table based on jeff hann concept.
>>    I was also mentioning about changes in gimp too, which someone has to
>> come with. *Though I am a beginner with gtk+ and gdk* but i have already
>> completed half of my work as
>>   1. I know how to take multiple inputs and reach upto application with. I
>> worked in pymt framework and is *well*-*versed with its api and done some
>> applications too.*
>>   2. Pymt framework is an active group and fast growing framework.
>> Currently it support TUIO protocol, Mac Touch, Window 7 WM_Touch native
>> support, Support SMK device, Support Wiimote device.
>      3. There is PyGTK to make pymt integrate well with GTK+ and to make
> portable the whole application to the platforms that GIMP supports. PyGTK
> applications are truly multiplatform and they're able to run, unmodified, on
> Linux, Windows, MacOS X and other platform.
>      4. I have my own open source multi touch table to test applications.
>     So I think I am left with GTK+ to work with and think that can be done
> in three months period.
>>  Alok Mishra
>> India
>>  --
>> have a good day
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