On Mon, 2010-03-22 at 09:47 -0700, alok mishra wrote:

> I am Alok Mishra, a student willing to participate in gsoc and I am
> very excited about it. I have an idea but not listed on idea page.
> I wanted to make gimp multitouch input capable application. That is by
> this gimp will become capable of recognizing gestures like zoom-in,
> zoom-out, two finger rotate, finger dragging, two finger  and
> multi-finger inputs for drawing (more than one finger drawing i.e more
> than one person can draw on single canvas or on different canvas,
> finger sketching).And also drawing by hands is more intuitive rather
> than a mouse.
> So basically what I wanted to do is whenever zoom-in gesture is
> recognized by gesture server, I wanted to use gimp zoom-in function. I
> did some searching on how it can be done.
> > First I thought it can be done through gimp-python through pdb
> created to write plugin for gimp. And I got that it doesn't controls
> the actions for gimp. Gimp do what gtk+ and gdk says to it.
> So I am currently working on how to make gtk+ to take more than one
> inputs. I wanted to use python.
> I am newbie and done not much in gtk+ and gimp development.

There's the xi2 branch of gtk+, which is, as far as I know, pretty close
to being merged. That would be needed for adding multi-touch support to
GIMP. Not sure if it makes sense to base a Google Summer of Code project
on pending work in another project. But it's certainly an interesting

> Please suggest me there is any other way to do this. Where does
> actually the gtk+ code resides in gimp source tar. I have created gimp
> development environment on ubuntu and successfully be able to compile
> it. Please tell me how to setup gtk+ environment for development. 

The project you are proposing is quite ambiguous as it requires
fundamental changes to the GIMP core. I am afraid that you are not
qualified to tackle this project. Adding multi-touch support to GIMP
requires decent knowledge of GTK+ and GDK, which you are obviously


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