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> Plugin-Mixer:
> A window that allows you to select a few plugins, put them in order
> you want them to be applied, modify their parameters and apply them on
> the current image. The window should allow the user to save the
> "combination" and reuse it for other combinations.

Why does it have to be limited to plug-ins ? From user POV, there are
actions she can make: adjust image levels, blur, etc. Some actions
live in core, some in plug-ins, but why should user care where the
action is technically implemented ?

In some applications often used actions can be combined in the
following way: user clicks 'Record', performs adjustments,
experiments, undo, experiments again. When she is happy with the
result she clicks 'Stop', and has the sequence of operations saved.
Note: in order to construct sequence of actions she didn't have to
perform any special actions, like drag-dropping plug-ins to a list,
but instead work as she usually does (most intuitive way possible).
Afterwards she can 'Play' the sequence on any image, on directory of
image files, etc.

IMO, in order to make serious improvements in this field, there is a
need to make the necessary changes in the plug-in API first: plug-in
settings implemented in a generic way, so that they could be saved and
later restored, etc. See:
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=101604 .

Not that it's related to your project. Just my personal opinion how
this should be done correctly.
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