If you take a look on the list archives you'll find that I was one of those
designers saying that GIMP sucks because it doesn't have a CMYK mode. But I
changed my mind! :-D
Honestly, It took me to really understand how color management works and
leave some old bad habits alone to get it.
Now I'm working in RGB and sending to print shops with good results. I send
sRGB images or CMYK separated with Separate+ or CMYKtool.
CMYK mode is a legacy from the past, and with the growing adoption of CTP
and DI systems we shouldn't be discussing this. Both Adobe and Pantone are
recommending to work with late binding, although Adobe software still allows
to work with early binding. So no matter what designers say, even their
loved flagship companies are thinking different.

What is hard to understand for desingers is that the problem isn't CMYK but
spot colors. We tend to use CMYK because we see it as an image created by 4
spot colors instead of a device dependent interpretation of an RGB image.
It took me some time to get used to it, but the idea of creating a
separation projection on the top o a color managed RGB image, letting the
user define spot colors, is growing on me as the best way to tackle this
difficult issue.

So forget CMYK, The projections system proposed by Peter will take spot
channels in consideration and that will solve most of our problems.  Not
going back to a legacy hack.
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