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> I had scanned a bunch of small odd shapped images and most of them I couldn't
> get rotated exactly right. I had to use photoshop and they have a feature
> where I can draw a straight line, and say to rotate the image to that line. It
> was called Rotate to Arbitrary. I see a similiar feature in Gimp where I can
> rotate the image, but I can't have it rotate to a line. The reason this is

Is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtAVRv8RMBg the feature you are
talking about? Playing with grid settings one can get a good result in
most situations, tho being able to set one single line (or cross of
two) at user selectable coords would indeed help in some cases.

> helpful is because I can choose a line of text or a border edge because I
> wasn't able to straighten out the images just by eyeballing them. I was within
> one degree, but that wasn't good enough for because over 12 inches, you can
> see that the text is a little crooked. rotating the image -1 degree the other
> way over corrects the image in the opposite direction, so it is best if the
> computer can rotate it. How can I request this feature to be added. It seems
> very useful for images that aren't straight and allows people to just
> arbitrarily throw images on the scanner, and then orient them up perfectly..

Hmm... maybe your case is a bit extreme. OTOH, I tried some fake scans
and zooming in (a lot) with grid set to 1 pix gave pretty good control
with Gimp corrective method. Could I see a crop of your scans to try
with the same image?

If not the thing you need, you better follow the advice of other

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