On Sat, 2010-06-19 at 17:50 +0200, doug p. wrote:
> I had scanned a bunch of small odd shapped images and most of them I couldn't
> get rotated exactly right. I had to use photoshop and they have a feature
> where I can draw a straight line, and say to rotate the image to that line. It
> was called Rotate to Arbitrary. I see a similiar feature in Gimp where I can
> rotate the image, but I can't have it rotate to a line.

The feature, or something very similar, is already present in GIMP. You
select the Rotate Tool and choose "Corrective" as the Transform
Direction in the tool options. Set preview mode to "Grid" and align your
grid with the line on the image that you want to be horizontal. That's

Having this feature exposed with a UI similar to that available in PS
has been suggested every so often. Everyone agrees that it would
probably be a nice thing to add, but so far no one has started to work
on it.


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