Hello all-

I'm currently working on Seashore, which is a Cocoa app that shares some code 
with GIMP. The developer that ran the project in the past left so I guess now 
I'm in charge of the project. I just made my first preview release (you can see 
it on the webpage http://seashore.sourceforge.net/)

However, my understanding is the the original developer of Seashore kind of 
went off on his own and started this without much involvement of the people 
actually working on GIMP and that seems like a shame to me.

I was wondering if anyone here has long-term plans for supporting the OS X 
platform. The reason I ask is I don't want to spend any further time on 
Seashore if there are serious prospects for a native Cocoa GIMP anywhere in the 
future; I would rather help out with that. 

If it does not seem like GIMP will ever run natively on OS X, and Seashore is 
the best we can do in terms of a native Cocoa offering, then I was wondering if 
anyone here had any tips or advice for working on Seashore (or even if anyone 
wanted to help out!).

Thank you very much, I look forward to hearing from you-

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