2010/7/9 Alexia Death <alexiade...@gmail.com>:
> Can you tell me how you use the sample points? I'm interested in your
> use cases, to better understand different work flows.
> --
> --Alexia

I'll try to explain (maybe I could try to record a short video showing
my work flow if my description is incomprehensible).
When I open a photo I look for areas where I know how the color should
look like. I usually look for neutrals (asphalt road, gray clothes)
first and put some sample point here. Then I add sample points other
places with known color like leaves. Then I open curves dialog and I
try to set the curves so the color color "matches theory". In other
words I try to match the curves so the neutrals are approximately
neutrals and eg. leaves mentioned contains most green and bit of red
but almost no blue. This is where the sample points are really useful
because I see the numbers for all selected places at the same time.

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