On Sunday, July 11, 2010 13:08:55 you wrote:
> I made some images to show how I use sample points. Image [1] shows
> initial setup and image without any corrections. Screenshot [2] shows
> the image while working on it using curves and sample points. Image
> [3] is the actual result, where I did correction on b in Lab
> decomposed image to get rid of the blue shadows atop of the curves.
> [1] http://blender6xx.ic.cz/pub/sample_points/screen_1.png
> [2] http://blender6xx.ic.cz/pub/sample_points/screen_2.png
> [3] http://blender6xx.ic.cz/pub/sample_points/_MG_1242-corrected.jpg

Thank you very much for showing me. It was very interesting.

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