I contacted David Revoy and got a reply. He explained he doesn't feel GIMP 2.7
is stable enough for regular production work, which would allow him to develop
a good default brush set through actual work. He also said his current brush
set made for Chaos&Evolutions DVD probably won't fit directly in GIMP 2.8 due
to all the advancements made to the brush engine between 2.6 and 2.8. It's a
sort of a chicken&egg who-came-first problem. Stable GIMP -> develop stable
brush set -> release stable GIMP.

However, he did make a proposal how he imagines a default robust brush set
(and by the look of it, it appears very similar to the one made for
Chaos&Evolutions). Here's his proposal:


In addition, I'm giving you a link to his portfolio so you can see what kind
of artistic background he's coming from and evaluate how his use-case vs.
proposed brush set vs. GIMP product vision relate to one another.



Matjaz L. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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