On 7/19/10, Cedric Sodhi wrote:

> If there is something to
> work on in, especially the brushes section then it is improving the brush
> engine to give greater GENERIC flexibility

The brush engine is already actively being worked on. You probably
missed all v2.6-v2.7 reviews. Go read them, or, better, try 2.7.1.

> - take a commecrical brush engine as an example - I only know the PS
> one and I think that's what's needed.

Let's get it straight: are we talking about brush engine before or after CS5?

The Photoshop's brush engine *before* CS5 is not much different from
the current GIMP's engine. There are not so many missing things in
GIMP right now (like dual brush). I know that for sure, because I
reverse-engineered brush dynamics in ABR.

The Photoshop's brush engine *after* CS5 -- now, that's a whole
different thing, because Adobe is now trying to bite a piece of the
pie that used to belong to Corel, SAI et al. The GIMP team seems to
have agreed that Krita and MyPaint are doing a damn great job there
already, so they [GIMP team] aren't going to do natural brushes or
media simulation

Alexandre Prokoudine
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