bob wrote:
> But I find it an interesting idea that, if it possible to implement in an
> image editor, could help smooth the process of designing web application
> front-ends.
> Anyway, I'm just putting it out there to you guys to see what you think.

It might be possible to provide some form of HTML editing in GIMP via a 
plug-in (especially once GEGL is more fully a part of GIMP) but I don't see 
it as something that should be added as an integral part of GIMP.

Creating a decent GUI based HTML editor is a non-trivial task. I have yet 
to see an HTML editor I like better than vi. I have seen HTML editors that 
will let you link to an external editor when you need to edit an image that 
will be appearing in a page.

If you really want to edit HTML in a program, use a program designed 
primarily for that purpose and use its hooks to invoke GIMP when you need 
it rather than trying to make an image editing program capable of doing 
page layout.

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