while the last patch I posted* to
is of course outdated already, I think it's time to think about how to 
ever get this included.

My suggestion:
(1) Completely drop the xcf enum conversions (xcf-util.*) I introduced.
     They are not needed anymore and, quite frankly, pointless right now.
     This cuts down the patch a bit and means no new files added.
(2) Separate out the actual conversion routines in gimplibcolor as
     a standalone patch.
     Maybe change the Decompose plug-in to use those, so we at least
     have something to make use of the new conversions.
     (as far as I can tell, the current Decompose Lab functions are
     broken, anyway).
(3) Once gimplibcolor updates are all settled, go about adding new layer
     modes which make use of them.
     (a) decide, which modes. Be conservative, don't clutter the menu
         too much with modes that nobody needs. Once they are out, we
         can't take them back.
     (b) decide how to name them.
     (c) decide how to deal with storing them (XCF version++)

What do you say?


* I posted a second version there, but it might not be the right place
   to clutter with in-development patches.
   Is there a better way to publish those? Should I setup some webspace
   and host them there? That way I could publish both, incremental and
   against-master patches.
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