On Mon, 2010-08-30 at 23:31 +0200, Łukasz Czerwiński wrote:

> I have made several optimizations in loading script-fu extension
> making the loading process a bit faster. It's the first time I change
> something in an open source program and don't know best way to
> "announce" it and get it reviewed, so I send a patch in a mail. 
> The major speedup is caused by calling my function load_script_file
> instead of script_fu_run_command("(load ...."). Please review my
> changes and send an answer if the patch is OK. 

Thanks for your patch. It definitely needs some work though. First of
all it is not OK to comment out code. If code should be removed, then
please remove it. 

Passing a string literal directly to g_message() is also not a good
idea. Please use g_message("%s", message) instead. But I didn't
understand what this part of your patch is trying to achieve.

Overall it would help a lot if you could explain what your patch tries
to achieve and what the purpose of the changes are. I have not been able
to understand the benefits of your changes just by looking at the patch.


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