2010/9/1 Kevin Cozens <ke...@ve3syb.ca>

> Łukasz Czerwiński wrote:
> > I have made several optimizations in loading script-fu extension making
> the
> > loading process a bit faster.
> Thank you for the patches. They will be reviewed son. I can't look at them
> for another day or two as I'm finishing up some changes on another project.
> I would ask that you update the patches to address the issues raised by
> Sven and then post a bug report against Script-Fu. Attach the patches to
> the report instead of pasting them in the body of the report. The bug
> report will prevent this issue from getting lost in my e-mail's mail
> folders.
> It would help if you could also send some additional information about the
> patches to this mailing list to explain the changes. I noticed in the
> before and after graphics that your modified version doesn't go through the
> usual steps to locate the script files which leaves me wondering how it
> finds what scripts need to be loaded.

It seems that you and Sven asked me to make two different actions and it's
useless to do both. Sven asked me to commit my patch into git, you have told
me to create a bug and add a patch there as an attachment. Whose commands
should I obey? :]  I'm trying to guess what's the procedure for making
changes in code and get them approved by some more experience developers.
Could you provide me such information? Maybe there should be a page on the
website saying what should be done step by step to patch GIMP and get the
patch approved. I'm thinking of a small guide for newbie developers.
By now I have submitted a bug report for Script-fu in GIMP, but didn't
commit my changes into git. Sven, Kevin, should I do it?

As for your request for additional information, a description of my change I
have written in a description of my bug report:

Looking forward to your answer,
Łukasz Czerwiński
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