On 09/06/2010 09:17 PM, Sven Neumann wrote:

> I am not so happy about the choice of the term "obsolete". The old layer
> modes are not obsolete. I'd suggest to use the term "legacy" instead.

I'm ok with either.
The obsoleteness is what I tried to find out earlier. Right now GEGL 
doesn't support the old HSV/HSL modes. Is it supposed to?

A reminder of Martin's suggestions:
 > I think the names needs to suggest that new files should avoid using
 > those layer modes.
 > Other alternatives:
 > "(compat.)"
 > "(legacy)"
 > "(obsolete)"
 > "(broken")
 > "(old)"

I'd consider legacy/obsolete/old defendable. 'old' is nice for its 
shortness, 'legacy' doesn't sound as negative.
The old modes aren't broken (just different and maybe less useful) and 
'compat.' is, well, somehow ugly.

But I'll let you guys bang each others' heads over that. ;)

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