On Fri, 2010-09-17 at 20:48 +0200, Ofnuts wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm writing a plugin that takes a drawable as input for pixel values. 
> What kind of BPP can I expect? I'd say 4 and 3 are color layers with and 
> without alpha. Will I encounter 2 and 1 for grey-levels with and without 
> alpha, too?

Well, it depends on what your procedure specifies as image types when it
registers. The documentation says:

  image_types is a comma separated list of image types, or actually
  drawable types, that this procedure can deal with. Wildcards are
  possible here, so you could say "RGB*" instead of "RGB, RGBA" or "*"
  for all image types. If the procedure doesn't need an image to run,
  use the empty string.

>  I can't find a way to create a layer in grey levels (or to 
> change an existing color one to grey levels). Am I overlooking the 
> obvious or would that only apply to layer masks?

Grayscale layers only exist in grayscale images. If you specify "GRAY"
and/or "GRAYA" or "*", then your procedure needs to handle those
drawable types.


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