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> So, I always try to use Visual Studio 2008 for convenience

Unfortunately, this probably won't be easy to get to work with Visual
Studio - both GIMP and GTK+ are compiled the mingw toolchain on
Windows, and while there are some Visual Studio projects in the
source, they're not maintained as far as I know.

Setting up an environment to compile GIMP on Windows isn't easy
either, although once you have it set up, it'll just work.

In my experience it's both easier and faster to actually cross-compile
GIMP from Linux, than to bother with the MSys or Cygwin environments
on Windows (if you decide to compile on Windows, avoid cygwin, and use
MSys instead).

When compiling GIMP (or it's plug-ins), you'll want to compile as
little as possible yourself - in my current stable installers, I only
compile GIMP, gegl and babl myself, while the rest comes either from
<http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/binaries/win32/> or from the package's
website. For the unstable/experimental installers I only compile GIMP
- everything else is from SuSE's repository at

The easiest way to set up environment for compiling GIMP's plug-ins is
to download the GTK+ bundle from
and import libraries for GIMP, babl and gegl from
There are some other dependencies if you wish to compile GIMP itself,
but I think this should suffice for plug-in development.

Extract all files to the same prefix, keeping the directory structure.
If you're cross-compiling you'll have to fix the prefix path in all
.pc files in lib/pkgconfig/ (the Windows version of pkg-config should
automatically select the prefix for you). This is basically it, now
you just need to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to point to
<prefix>/lib/pkgconfig and PATH to include <prefix>/bin, and you
should be ready to go.

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