Hey thank u so much for your help, it's very useful!
Now I understood what I'd miss, and I downloaded all the packages you said plus 
the MinGW installer.
So... now I teorically have gcc ready on my C:\MinGW\bin directory, but it 
seems that gimptool-2.0 doesn't find it
I type: gimptool-2.0.exe --build hello.c
Result: "i686-pc-mingw32-gcc" is not a valid command.
I think that the executable "i686-pc-mingw32-gcc" doesn't exists, and it can be 
right, cause the unique gcc program I have is C:\MinGW\bin\gcc.exe
Where I can get i686-pc-mingw32-gcc?
 > Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 19:13:32 +0200
> From: jer...@ena.si
> To: gimp-developer@lists.XCF.Berkeley.EDU
> Subject: Re: [Gimp-developer] Starting to code a plug-in under Windows
> On Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 17:52:45, Alessandro Francesconi wrote:
> > So, I always try to use Visual Studio 2008 for convenience
> Unfortunately, this probably won't be easy to get to work with Visual
> Studio - both GIMP and GTK+ are compiled the mingw toolchain on
> Windows, and while there are some Visual Studio projects in the
> source, they're not maintained as far as I know.
> Setting up an environment to compile GIMP on Windows isn't easy
> either, although once you have it set up, it'll just work.
> In my experience it's both easier and faster to actually cross-compile
> GIMP from Linux, than to bother with the MSys or Cygwin environments
> on Windows (if you decide to compile on Windows, avoid cygwin, and use
> MSys instead).
> When compiling GIMP (or it's plug-ins), you'll want to compile as
> little as possible yourself - in my current stable installers, I only
> compile GIMP, gegl and babl myself, while the rest comes either from
> <http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/binaries/win32/> or from the package's
> website. For the unstable/experimental installers I only compile GIMP
> - everything else is from SuSE's repository at
> <http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/windows:/mingw:/win32/SLE_11/noarch/>
> The easiest way to set up environment for compiling GIMP's plug-ins is
> to download the GTK+ bundle from
> <http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/binaries/win32/gtk+/2.22/gtk+-bundle_2.22.0-20101016_win32.zip>
> and import libraries for GIMP, babl and gegl from
> <http://sourceforge.net/projects/gimp-win/files/GIMP%20%2B%20GTK%2B%20(stable%20release)/GIMP%202.6.4%20%2B%20GTK%2B%202.14.6/gimp-dev-2.6.4.zip/download>
> <http://sourceforge.net/projects/gimp-win/files/GIMP%20%2B%20GTK%2B%20(stable%20release)/GIMP%202.6.4%20%2B%20GTK%2B%202.14.6/gegl-2847-babl-359-dev.zip/download>
> There are some other dependencies if you wish to compile GIMP itself,
> but I think this should suffice for plug-in development.
> Extract all files to the same prefix, keeping the directory structure.
> If you're cross-compiling you'll have to fix the prefix path in all
> .pc files in lib/pkgconfig/ (the Windows version of pkg-config should
> automatically select the prefix for you). This is basically it, now
> you just need to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to point to
> <prefix>/lib/pkgconfig and PATH to include <prefix>/bin, and you
> should be ready to go.
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