I'm trying to have coexisting a locally built 2.7 and a packaged 2.6.8.

2.6.8 goes to /usr/bin and /usr/lib and 2.7 installs into /usr/local/lib 
and /usr/local/bin

I start 2.7 via a shell that export LD_IBRARY_PATH and updates the PATH 
so tha the /usr/local stuff goes first.

2.7 seems to work (all tools I tried worked, especially the 2.7-specific 
cage tool) except when I try to transform a selection to path, for which 
I get:

"Selection to path procedure lookup failed."

If I recall correctly,  my freshly built, bytes-still-wet, 2.7 did work 
correctly, so I must have broken something when playing with the system 
load paths. Can anyone suggest where to look?
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