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> 2010/11/18 Łukasz Czerwiński wrote:
> >> Another limitation of using GIMP for a 3 color image is that GIMP does
> not
> >> use what are known in Photoshop as "Adjustment Layers".
> >
> > How about adding this missing feature to GIMP?
> You know how to submit patches, don't you? :)
> That's not a very useful reply.  Adjustment layers have been discussed
in the past, and they are not something that a new user could simply code up
and send
in a patch for.  Even PhotoShop only allows adjustment layers for a specific
set of
adjustment types, because it's essential that adjustments can be calculated
very rapidly.
Anyway, one of the advantages of GEGL is that it may make this sort of thing
to implement.

  -- Bill
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